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Comprehensive campus management solutions such as standardized policy and procedures for program design and development, delivery of quality assured curriculum and services, integrated student information systems; and learning management platforms and practices

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Managed Colleges

The MSM Higher Ed Group of schools benefit from an overall enhanced education and service quality. These schools are managed by MSM Higher Ed’s team of education administration, quality assurance process, and campus management experts.

IT Training College

Web tech, digital marketing, and digital publishing training with hands-on approach

Hospitality, Tourism and Business College

International pathway

Custom IT Training and Education

Coding, graphic design,
and computer services

Professional Driver Training College

1:1 instruction from
ICBC-licensed instructors

Academic and Vocational College

Driver training, trades training,
and academic programs

Pioneering IT and Computer Studies

Over 35 years of teaching
with in major IT hub

Scope of Management Services

MSM Higher Ed managed schools maintain operational autonomy while supported by our expertise and management services.
scope management services
  • Strategic planning that drives business growth, profitability, and loss mitigation
  • Academic leadership and quality assurance process and support, such as in new program design, development, and evaluation
  • Marketing and student recruitment
  • Faculty hiring
  • Delivery of programs
  • Branding, communications, and social media expertise
  • Guidance based on common policy, procedures, and systems through the enrollment management process
  • Compliance management
Our Managed Colleges’ marketing and recruitment team is supported by our parent company, MSM, who have sent thousands of international students to its global and in-country office partners since 2012.
MSM Higher Ed Schools are powered by the global marketing, recruitment, and back office support network and infrastructure of MSM and MSM Higher Ed. This global network offers access to over 250 skilled professionals in HR, accounting and finance, marketing, social media, and administrative and process management.

Anchored on International Partnerships

MSM Higher Ed Managed Colleges build on strategic alliances, expert teams of faculty and staff, and a strong resolve to provide students with more skills and knowledge to meet the labor demands of a growing Canadian and global market.
We value institution-level partnerships with other public and private institutions to successfully offer pathway programs to students, allowing them to transfer credits from MSM Higher Ed colleges to our partner colleges and universities to further their education.
With a pathway program within their reach, students are able to build the skills, knowledge, and qualifications they need to enter and complete a further diploma or a bachelor’s degree program.
MSM Higher Ed’s mandate is to promote world-class quality education: invest in and work with colleges who pioneer the next wave of highly recognized and globally competitive students. Our education services help accelerate institutional growth.

Let’s build a bigger campus today

We help accelerate campus growth and bring partners a global perspective

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We keep your information private and confidential.