Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data stored as text files that allow our website or a third party to recognize you and remember your preferences.  These cookies provide a consistent and efficient experience for visitors to our website.

How we use cookies

We want to deliver excellent visitor experience which prompts us to use cookies and keep track of your visits to the MSM website. Cookies are stored on your hard drive, and they are an identifier that allows us to recognize you every time you pay our website a visit. 

In a nutshell, cookies provide our website operating system benefits such as:

  • The ability to recognize you
  • The capacity to access your account information in our computers for personalizing services
  • The capacity to access information, which we may share with our service providers, for the purpose of improving and/or maintaining the website
  • The capacity to use the aforementioned information to afford customized services aligned to your preferences and interests

Aside from cookies, we may also use Tracer Tags and Beacons. These technologies are designed to help us keep track of the pages you visit on our website, so we can structure our system and offerings to suit your needs and preferences.

For analyzing browsing behavior, which is vital for enhancing our services and products, we use web-based analytics like Google Analytics. To function, web-based analytics use cookies for aiding us in analyzing the manner whereby our browsers use our website and its features.

Browsing and visits

You may visit and browse the MSM website freely at any given time. For the purpose of providing optimal customer service, we collate the following data during your visit: 

  • IP (internet protocol)
  • Address
  • Page requests/browsed
  • Browser type
  • Operating system used, and
  • The time you spent during your visits

Gathering this data based on the use of the website is critical to the following activities or purposes: 

  • Understanding our customers better
  • Maintaining the website
  • Monitoring and safeguarding your account on our website, and 
  • For sending program suggestions fit for your preferences and qualifications

About links to other websites

The MSM website may be connected to other websites, like our partners and third parties, via links. With this, we would like to clarify that we neither operate nor own these websites. Additionally, our website may have links on third party sites where we advertise. Our general rules regarding links to other websites are:

  • We do not provide your personal data to these websites without your permission.
  • We provide links to these websites to enhance your browsing experience.
  • These links are not used for endorsement or referral purposes.

These third-party websites have their own policies and privacy statements that we suggest you review thoroughly.

The operations of these websites are outside of our jurisdiction. Hence, we are not in any way responsible or liable for the manner whereby they collect, use, share, and maintain the security of your personal information.

The third-party affiliates we work with, like ad networks and advertising companies, use their own tracking technologies (cookies and pixel tags) on our website. This enables them to post ads on the internet. As such, they may gather data on your use of our website and other websites for the purpose of analyzing how effective our advertisements are.

Can I change my cookie setting?

With regards to how your browser detects and accepts cookies, you may adjust the settings accordingly, so you can be notified every time you get a cookie and make a choice whether to accept the cookie or not. In rejecting cookies, however, you will no longer be able to maximize your use of and benefit from our website.