Partnership Edge

We foster global initiatives that create an affordable opportunity for students to begin their studies in the region they live in and complete their studies at our partner institutions who welcome a qualified flow of foreign students from diverse regions worldwide.
We increase the number of pathway institutions through articulation agreements, enabling students to build the skills, knowledge, and qualifications they need to enter and successfully complete a further diploma or a bachelor’s degree program.

The Winning Advantage for Allies

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For Public Institution Partners

We ensure increased capacity for international students and sustainable revenue streams, all without major investment or compromising quality assurance.
Partners benefit from new revenue streams that will augment shortfalls in funding, which generally comes from the government. Institutions with ambitious growth goals can remedy their funding woes and expand their capacity for international students.

For Private Institution Partners

We open gateways for public-private partnerships (PPPs) and licensing of curriculum models. PPPs enable them to grow and attract international students with high-quality programming. Often these institutions are willing to invest in the operational costs of delivering public institution recognized training on a curriculum licensing basis.
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