Founding Member: Lincoln University (New Zealand)

Lincoln University is one of the 26 Founding Members of the MSM Higher Ed Pathways initiative.

For more than 140 years, Lincoln University has focused on growing New Zealand’s land-based knowledge, wealth and productivity. Things grow when the conditions are right and facilitating growth is what Lincoln University is all about.This means offering diverse learning options that fit students’ ambitions and partnering with industry to help address some of the world’s most enduring issues.

Lincoln has been teaching agriculture for 140 years, but as New Zealand’s economy has grown evermore diverse, the university has kept pace. It now offers a perfect balance of credibility, experience and future-focus with a range of specialised areas, which include agriculture, horticulture, winemaking and grape-growing, business, property and valuation, environmental management, tourism, sport and recreation and landscape architecture.

Rather than trying to spread itself too thinly, Lincoln puts its resources into what it’s truly best at. The university’s history is with the land and this is where its future lies. Importantly, land-based activity relates to the way the planet is treated, so Lincoln’s focus is on sustainable practices to ensure that productivity does not come at the expense of the environment.

The university also focuses on demonstration and extension, using real farms as research laboratories and teaching environments. Relative to size, Lincoln has a higher number of academics producing world-class research than any other university in the country.

Advantages of Studying at Lincoln University

In spite of all this, it’s still New Zealand’s smallest university and that provides a big advantage.Students enjoy a more personal learning environment and extra face-time with lecturers. Plus Lincoln’s unique village atmosphere fosters a real sense of community and helpfulness. Internationally, Lincoln has academic alliances with complementary institutions in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. These alliances support academic relationships and enhance educational opportunities.

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Through an articulation agreement with MSM Higher Ed, Lincoln University is now part of its global consortium as an MSM Higher Ed Pathways Founding Member. MSM Higher Ed Pathways is designed to prepare students for entry or advanced standing at multiple universities in study destinations for international education. 

Students who have started their programs through MSM Higher Ed Pathways delivery centres (Foundation Schools) close to their homes may choose to proceed to complete their degree at Lincoln University in New Zealand. 

What Makes Our Pathways Unique

Institutional Advantage for Our Founding Members
Engagement in a Global Consortium
Steady stream of qualified students from diverse countries and backgrounds
Participation in rigorous quality assurance reviews
Premier promotion & exclusive events
Joint pathway admissions
Increased visibility and high-profile branding on a global scale
Enrollment management planning

Partnership with the World’s Leading Institutions

A Global Consortium of 26 Founding Members from Top Destination Countries

We work closely with our Founding Members from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Europe to pave the way for more pathway opportunities for international students.

Unified by an interest in increasing and diversifying international student enrollment for the long-term, Founding Members articulate the existing Pathway curriculum and will provide advice on the design and development of future Pathway curriculum, which will be delivered at MSM Higher Ed Schools or Study Centres in over 50 countries across the globe in the coming three years.