Founding Member: Hartwick College (US)

Hartwick College is one of the 26 Founding Members of the MSM Higher Ed Pathways initiative.
Hartwick College, a private college in Oneonta, New York, prepares its students for an academic journey that will transform them into invaluable, fulfilled, and future-ready members of the global society. It was founded in 1797 with the founding of Hartwick Seminary, through the will of Lutheran minister John Christopher Hartwick. The current campus sits on land donated by the City of Oneonta in 1928. The classical academy and theological seminary was incorporated into a four-year college in the same year, before ending its ties with the Lutheran Church in the 1960s.
At present, Hartwick College has 35 courses of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, four pre-professional programs, six cooperative programs, and a series of interesting minors and other options, including certification in education. The institution’s top five majors are Nursing, Business Administration, Psychology, Biology, and Criminal Justice. Hartwick also offers students the chance to design their own major. Hartwick College is also proud to introduce its First Master’s Degree Program: Translational Biomedical Research Management. The future-forward college is founded in 220 years of experience in the field of education, and believes that education is “the best insurance against poverty.” Through its academic programs and other institutional initiatives, Hartwick College aims to make their mark in the future of American higher education.
Hartwick College also believes that achieving true wisdom comes from a personal comprehension of different cultures, faiths, experiences. It remains committed to fostering an inclusive environment and its Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging aims to ensure the harmony within the academic community. Through an articulation agreement with MSM Higher Ed, Hartwick College is now part of its global consortium as an MSM Higher Ed Pathways Founding Member. MSM Higher Ed Pathways is designed to prepare students for entry or advanced standing at multiple universities in study destinations for international education. Students who have started their programs through MSM Higher Ed Pathways delivery centres (Foundation Schools) close to their homes may choose to proceed to complete their degree at Hartwick College in the United States.

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Flexible Pathways, More Accessible International Education

Responding to the needs of the times, MSM Higher Ed Pathways transcends the hurdles posed by COVID-19 to studying abroad. It addresses stricter border controls, the effect on international student mobility, and the impact on the disposable income of students and their families, among many other challenges.

With this initiative, we offer flexible study options to students across the world and ensure that they maximize the benefits of a unique pathways initiative powered by our solid network of partner institutions.

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Institutional Advantage for Our Founding Members
Engagement in a Global Consortium
Steady stream of qualified students from diverse countries and backgrounds
Participation in rigorous quality assurance reviews
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Partnership with the World’s Leading Institutions

A Global Consortium of 26 Founding Members from Top Destination Countries

We work closely with our Founding Members from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Europe to pave the way for more pathway opportunities for international students.

Unified by an interest in increasing and diversifying international student enrollment for the long-term, Founding Members articulate the existing Pathway curriculum and will provide advice on the design and development of future Pathway curriculum, which will be delivered at MSM Higher Ed Schools or Study Centres in over 50 countries across the globe in the coming three years.