Opening Doors to Flexible Pathways,
More Accessible International Education

We prepare international students for entry or advanced standing at multiple universities in desirable study destinations in Business, Science and Liberal Arts studies, and more. Through MSM Higher Ed Pathways, we collaborate closely with our partners to offer students a unique opportunity to begin their studies at, or near to their homes, at local rates and prepare them to work toward their credentials at top degree-granting institutions abroad.

College Management​

We professionally manage private colleges in Canada, with an expansion of managed campuses to transnational destinations.

MSM Higher Ed has facilitated enrollment growth, developed online learning and new programs, and fostered new strategic partnerships for every Managed College.

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Strategic Alliances​

We facilitate partner matching, project management, and key services to help increase student capacity, diversify revenue streams, and achieve broader brand recognition

Through viable public-private partnerships (PPPs), licensing agreements, program pathways based on articulation arrangements and pan-national and transnational program delivery, we create opportunities for students to earn career-oriented credentials preparing their career or academic advancement.

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MSM Higher Ed Pathways offers courses that prepare students for admissions or advanced standing at MSM Higher Ed partner institutions in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and US. Their education can now start in their home country and end with graduation abroad. All while dramatically reducing the costs of an international education.

An exclusive slot in our Global Consortium awaits you.

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Why Work With Us


We are backed by hundreds and hundreds of years of collective experience in senior education administration combined with quality assurance.

Extensive Partnerships

We establish licensing and articulation agreements and partnerships designed to generate new revenue sources, and in turn offer career-oriented credentials for career or academic advancement.

Global Footprint

We work on a strong foundation of relationships with higher education institutions in Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe to create broad opportunities for collaboration and ensure student success.
MSM Higher Ed achieves success through the in-house expertise of our professional support services, from the finance and HR to the media and communications division of a leading provider in international education.

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MSM Higher Ed brings a global perspective to your doorstep and accelerates your campus’ growth and internationalization. Together let’s build a bigger, better institution.

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