Prepare for a post
COVID 19 world
Let us help you navigate the ‘new normal’ with fresh
revenue streams and support towards risk-free recovery.
Local Presence,
Global Impact
While our campuses are primarily located in Canada,
we have a global presence. We narrow the gap between
colleges/universities and new, untapped market of
education seekers.
Highly recognized, globally transferable credentials for students
We bridge learners to advance study levels and equip
them with in-demand skills of the future in the arts
and sciences, vocational programs, university pathway
programs, and more.
Driven by vision
and passion
Our leaders have the singular vision to make
international education accessible to all -thus
education management solutions that transform lives
and communities

MSM Higher Ed delivers the highest-quality academic, vocational, and English language programs, preparing students to pursue their desired careers or progress on to the world’s leading universities.

Our Colleges

IT Training College
Web tech, digital marketing, and digital publishing training with hands-on approach
Hospitality, Tourism and Business College
International pathway programs
Custom IT Training and Education
Coding, graphic design, and computer services
Professional Driver
Training College
1:1 instruction from
ICBC-licensed instructors
Academic and
Vocational College
Driver training, trades training, and academic programs
Pioneering IT and Computer Studies
Over 35 years of teaching with in major IT hub

What We Provide

Management services to private institutions in their home country and abroad
Opportunities to increase off-campus capacity without the added operational costs
Management services to public institutions delivering curriculum overseas
Articulation agreements between MSM Higher Ed schools and other institutions
Institution matching for joint program delivery based on varying models and locations
Articulation agreements among partner institutions for student mobility and diversity

Why Work With Us

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As we strive to deliver the best possible results, MSM Higher Ed is backed by over 125 years of collective experience in senior education administration combined with quality assurance.
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Extensive Partnerships
We establish licensing and articulation agreements and partnerships designed to generate new revenue sources and in turn offer career-oriented credentials for career or academic advancement.
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Global Footprint
We work on a strong foundation of relationships with higher education institutions in Canada, US, UK, and Europe that create broad opportunities for collaboration and ensure student success.

Let’s Have Meaningful
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Donna Hooker

MSM Higher Ed President

MSM Higher Ed brings a global perspective to your doorstep and accelerates your campus’ growth and internationalization. Together let’s build a bigger, better institution.