Leadership Team

The experts behind MSM Higher ED

Our Beginnings

MSM Higher Ed was founded in response to compelling developments in higher education. These prompted our founder, Mr. Sanjay Laul, to create a comprehensive platform for effective, modern education management with a special focus on harnessing international opportunities for partner colleges and universities.
Our current lineup of colleges are located in Canada, but our business model is globally tested and attuned to institutions’ growing need to internationalize and face intense global competition.

Our Team

MSM Higher Ed is led by an international team of educators and executives with broad-ranging experience in the academic world and in business. At the helm of this organization are former leaders and directors at top academic institutions with considerable exposure to pioneering new business models and implementing systems and processes on a vast or global scale.​

Every MSM Higher Ed institution has its own academic advisory board that brings together the academic and professional experience of its members. Here, we hand-pick the best minds in the industry for their worldwide higher education perspective with a wide range of specialties. This helps us accomplish our goals and objectives for all students in the MSM Higher Ed network.

Meet The Executive Team

Shawn Swail​
Chief Business Officer​

Donna Hooker
MSM Higher Ed President

Dean Duperron
Chairman, MSM Higher Ed

Kalai Ponniah​
Vice President for Business Development, MSM Higher Ed

Tapas Aghera
Head Of Finance

MSM Higher Ed Advisory Board

Ken Burt
Arthur Coren, PhD
Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD
Jean Sprague
M.J. Whitemarsh
Raynie Wood, PhD