About Us

We offer education management solutions that create opportunities for students and enable us and our partners to deliver the highest-quality academic, vocational, and English language programs. These programs are expertly designed to assist students in pursuit of their desired careers or progression to the world’s leading universities.

What We Offer

Powered by Experience & Excellence

We are a member company of a global education services leader supported by expertise in finance management, HR, marketing & communications, and other divisions. We achieve our success through the expertise of our education leadership, business & industry advisory panels, and these in-house shared services.
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Comprehensive Education Management Solutions

Our leading-edge services include:
  • Standardized policy and procedures for program design and development, along with delivery of quality assured curriculum and services
  • Integrated student information systems
  • Learning management platforms and practices
  • Global initiatives that create affordable opportunities for students
  • Powered by MSM Global Marketing engagement

Trusted Portfolio of Brands

MSM Higher Ed is a member of the M Square Media (MSM) Group.
Global and in-country offices, agent management, and business development and marketing solutions for increased international enrollment
Student recruitment marketplace connecting institutions with agents and their students around the world
Experienced education agency with well-vetted agents, complete applications, and a wealth of services
E-learning platform for executive, career-oriented, and continuing education courses, corporate training, and career mentorship services for college students and adult learners

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