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We undertake partner matching, project management, and key services to help increase student capacity, diversify revenue streams, and achieve broader brand recognition

Why Engage with MSM Higher Ed

  • Pioneer in partnership innovation
  • Experienced and professional education management leadership
  • Reduced effort required by partners with strong results
  • Project and program approval system
  • Established partnership models, contracts, and project design models
  • Well-established implementation process
  • Effective quality assurance process that engages all partners

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Partnership Models That Work

Our clients are public and private sector institutions with a desire to increase their capacity and revenue streams without adding exponentially to operating costs. MSM Higher Ed supports our partners goals by facilitating strategic alliances that will meet our clients’ enrollment and financial objectives.
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We work closely with our partners to ensure opportunities exist for students to advance their education experience to higher levels.
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Public-Private Partnership
(PPP) Delivery

We are a pioneer in the establishment of a successful PPP where the public institution’s curriculum is delivered by a private institution in another jurisdiction.
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MSM Higher Ed establishes branch campuses of its managed schools in countries known as typical “sending” countries in the international world. We also help well-known universities and colleges add branch campus locations in places known as international student “receiving” countries.

Featured Strategic Alliances

Our clients are public and private sector institutions with a desire for growth and internationalization
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10-year public-private partnership

Our parent company, MSM, initiated a 10-year PPP between Canadian College and St. Lawrence College.
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Branch campus locations

Eton College Canada, one of the MSM Higher Ed Managed Colleges, has expanded to Global Locations in India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. Students graduating from these local Eton College centers will be eligible to transfer earned credits to other destination countries based on articulation agreements between partners.

Transnational education

Our program is under development - keep posted here for more news!

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We keep your information private and confidential.