What We Do

Our international approach to higher education

Our Commitment​

MSM Higher Ed was founded in response to compelling developments in higher education. These prompted our founder, Mr. Sanjay Laul, to create a comprehensive platform for effective, modern campus management with a special focus on harnessing international opportunities for partner colleges and universities.

Our current lineup of colleges are located in Canada, but our business model is globally tested and attuned to institutions’ growing need to internationalize and face intense global competition.

How We Reach Goals

MSM Higher Ed provides services revolving around campus management, educational support, consulting, and technical support to institutions that offer post-secondary education. These include the following:

Designing proven strategies for educational management, such as lead generation and student recruitment for improved enrollment outcomes

Creation of articulation agreements and partnerships among institutions, along with institution matching for joint program delivery and collaboration

Training and technical support for faculty and internal teams in the vital aspects of recruitment, admissions, and retention

Assistance with financial administration and implementation of financial aid programs​

Curriculum development and related consulting services​

Technology tools and platforms for increased productivity in campuses

Student support services such as educational counseling and pre-departure sessions for international students

Frequently Asked Questions

Our senior management has over 125 years of collective experience in senior education administration with responsibility for academic programming, marketing, recruitment, student services and integrated student information and management systems. With experience in public and private education, our team has expertise in education policy and practice as well as quality assurance that meets public education standards and provincial private regulatory standards.

MSM HigherEd partnerships are designed to create capacity for international student enrollments, diversify the source of international students, and establish new sources of revenue for our partner institutions. 

Our initiatives can take the form of private public partnerships with program delivery within your own country or through MSM Higher Ed Centers for Education. Some partnerships are based on collaborative business models while others are basic articulation or advanced standing agreements.

If you are a private school partner, you can offer your students career-oriented credentials aimed at preparing them for career employment or advanced standing in higher level institutions. If you are a public partner, you are likely seeking opportunities to increase your capacity and revenue streams, without major investment.

COVID-19 has changed our global community and we see common messaging about our “new norms.”  MSM Higher Ed initiatives address such potential new norms by ensuring our partners have diverse international revenue streams and recruitment sources. Our business strategies are based on multiple partnership approaches which reduces overall risks for partners over the long term.

Our Leadership Team is ready for a friendly, commitment-free consultation today.

From management services for public and private institutions to establishing articulation agreements between schools, we arewell-versed in delivering productive, real-world outcomes.