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While our institutions are located primarily in Canada, we have a global impact. We narrow the gap between colleges/universities and new, untapped markets of education seekers.
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Our network of schools build diverse learning spaces, equipping learners with in-demand skills of the future in arts and sciences, vocational programs, university pathway programs, and more.
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Our leaders have the singular vision to make education accessible to all - thus crafting campus management solutions that transform lives and organizations.
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MSM HigherEd is a leading provider of quality education through its network of post-secondary education institutions and innovative collaborative partnerships with public universities and industry leaders.

MSM HigherED delivers the highest-quality academic, vocational and English language programs, preparing students to pursue their desired careers or progress onto the world’s leading universities.

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The International Education Landscape

International students make up:

  • 19.6% of the total student population
  • 14% of all undergraduates
  • 35.8% of all postgraduates
  • 7.8% of undergraduate students study work or volunteer overseas as part of their degree

International student mobility flows in the next decade. Shaping its growth is a combination of demographic and economic drivers, bilateral trade patterns, growing global competition, and rapid expansion of tertiary education capacity.

The shape of things to come: higher education global trends and emerging opportunities to 2020, British Council / International Facts and Figures 2019, Universities UK International


Use and Adoption of Technology in Higher Education

Significant challenges impeding technology adoption in higher education in 2019:

  • Improving digital fluency
  • Evolving roles of faculty and ed tech strategies
  • Achievement gap
  • Advancing digital equity
  • Increasing demand for digital learning experience and instructional design expertise
  • Rethinking the practice of teaching

Source: EDUCAUSE Horizon Report: 2019 Higher Education Edition


Taking Your College to the Future

"Are you organized for yesterday rather than today? Are you organized for the kind of small, cozy family operation you were, and now you’ve grown from a four-bedroom boardinghouse into a six-hundred-room hotel without any change? Your organization structure and your reality aren’t congruent anymore. You need a change in your structure."

Peter Drucker
Managing the Non-Profit Organization

MSM HigherED brings a global perspective to your doorstep and accelerates your campus’ growth and internationalization. Together let’s build a bigger, better institution.