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Q Academy
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Q Academy

About the College

The Q Academy team has created a technology ecosystem that ultimately sustains itself. We have created a space where tech leaders can pluck out talent to inspire the growth of their brand and industry at any given time.

What Sets Us Apart

We have set ourselves apart from everything you have seen up until now with our unique classroom culture that provides our students with a one-of-a-kind education. You can forget your average mundane classroom and envision something much more unique and innovative when you learn at Q Academy. The Academy is one of the first technology-focused learning institution on the Island that focuses on customized hands-on training.

All of our teachers at Q Academy are industry professionals with experience and knowledge designed to take your skills to the next level. Whether it be basic beginner computer skills, corporate skill up, or a freelancer expanding your knowledge even further, we have the training that is tailored for you!