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US-based Hartwick College Forges Founding Member Partnership With Msm Higher Ed in Global Education Pathways

Hartwick College is one of the 26 Founding Members of the MSM Higher Ed Pathways. 

Hartwick College, a nationally ranked, selective, independent college of the arts and sciences in Oneonta, NY, has formed an innovative partnership with MSM Higher Education, a comprehensive platform for future-oriented education management solutions.

Through an articulation agreement with the fast-growing education management company, Hartwick College becomes a founding member of MSM Higher Ed Pathways global consortium to develop educational opportunities for international students.

MSM Higher Ed Pathways “offer a unique opportunity for students to begin their studies close to home and later complete their degrees at internationally recognized institutions in destination countries such as Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand,” said Donna Hooker, MSM Higher Ed President.

As a founding member, Hartwick will benefit from increased international student enrollments, scholarship options for pathway students, and professional development opportunities for its faculty and staff. Hartwick will provide advice on the design and development of future Pathway curriculum.

“Building on its history of fostering international opportunities and understanding, Hartwick College is well positioned to be a founding member of the MSM Higher Ed Global Consortium,” said Dr. Patricia Delaney, Inaugural Director of the Griffiths Center for Collaboration & Innovation at Hartwick College. “We look forward to a lasting, mutually beneficial association.”

Hartwick’s FlightPath: an innovative approach to education

As one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States, Hartwick College has a long-standing tradition of adaptation and innovation. Integrating an arts and science-based education with faculty-facilitated experiences – including study abroad, advanced research, and community-based service learning – Hartwick College prepares students to become valuable, fulfilled, and future-ready members of global businesses and society.

Hartwick College recently launched FlightPath, a distinctive educational experience designed to meet students’ shifting needs as they prepare for a demanding workforce and ever-changing world. Through FlightPath, each Hartwick student builds their individualized path forward, centered on their evolving interests and goals. Students benefit from campus-wide support, maximize strong alumni and mentor partnerships, and tap into advanced technology tools. 

Hartwick offers 35 courses of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree and has gained renown for its innovative three-year degree program. Students have the option to combine their divergent interests by designing their own major. A residential college, Hartwick is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment. The campus community values diversity and strives to create a climate that welcomes students from all backgrounds and nationalities. 

Through its new partnership with MSM Higher Ed, Hartwick will offer international students the opportunity to start their college programs through MSM Higher Ed Pathways close to their homes and complete their degree at Hartwick College in the US.

Expanding partnership with the world’s leading universities and colleges

With the addition of Hartwick College, MSM Higher Ed has forged strategic partnerships with six world-class, degree-granting institutions including Griffith University in Australia; Frostburg State University, Hawaii Pacific University, and University of Charleston in the United States; and Queen Margaret University in the United Kingdom. The curriculum articulated by founding members will be delivered in MSM Study Centres located in China, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan.

MSM Higher Ed Pathways is a program by MSM Higher Ed, an industry leader in education management solutions that create opportunities for students while building capacity for international student enrollment.

Interested institutional partners may send their expression of interest to MSM Higher Ed President Donna Hooker at donna@msquare.media.

For more details, visit MSM Higher Ed official website at www.msmhighered.com.

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