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View from the Forest Recap: Transforming programs, curricula for the future of education

Transforming programs
Caption: In the 15th episode of View from the Forest, MSM Higher Ed president Donna Hooker shares her thoughts about university rankings and how they affect higher education institutions around the world. (PEXELS)

It is no secret that the pandemic has wiped out all the gains and progress made by the international education sector. Higher education institutions (HEIs) around the world now have to start again. The disruption and improvement in education delivery will also depend on factors outside of the academe, for instance, the vaccine rollouts or border closures. 

However, there is a glimmer of hope. For Episode 17 of “View from the Forest” (VFTF), MSM Higher Ed president Donna Hooker enumerates five changes made to higher education due to COVID-19 that will still be beneficial after the pandemic.

According to Donna, these positive changes “include the introduction of wider education technology resources, redefined engagement, and more creative assessment methods.”

“Students can also now be regarded as partners to their lecturers, making them more active in learning and giving more online feedback,” she said.

One positive change that educators and institutions can glean from the situation is that, with a focus on online teaching, lecturers can tailor their activities more specific to their subject. Donna proceeded to enumerate items that institutions can look forward to building on moving forward.

“The virtual classroom has opened new ways for creative assessments. Instructors can ask their students to create podcasts, blogs, or vlogs, instead of traditional essays,” Donna said.

She went on to enumerate the complementary roles of students and teachers, powered by solutions as provided by education technology, and how these are important for the future of learning.

“The future of learning is already happening. It’s up to institutions to embrace these changes and evolve to keep up.”

Watch Episode 17 of “View from the Forest” now. To learn more about MSM Higher Ed President Donna Hooker’s thoughts on all matters surrounding international education, follow the MSM Higher Ed YouTube channel and click subscribe for more videos.


President, MSM Higher Ed

Donna Hooker has worked in the international education field for 30 years. She has a comprehensive knowledge of policy and practise in the public post-secondary education system in British Columbia, Canada and worldwide. She is a past board chair for the BC Centre for International Education and has held senior management roles at BC Institute for Technology, Vancouver Community College, and most recently at Capilano University.


Donna Hooker, MSM Higher Ed President

Donna Hooker, MSM Higher Ed President, takes you to her lush home in Upper Fraser Valley, British Columbia to talk about different trends and issues affecting the international education industry. Watch, learn and subscribe to the channel to get her invaluable vlog series, “View from the Forest.”

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