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COVID forced the world to adapt to online teaching. Teachers are learning along with their students.

View from the Forest Recap: COVID Reaction to Online Teaching

How did educators and students respond to the sudden changes in education delivery brought about by COVID-19? In this “View from the Forest” episode, MSM Higher Ed president Donna Hooker took the time to answer this question.

“A year ago, if someone told me all institutions across the globe would be teaching online within a few months, I would have laughed,” said the seasoned educator.

Having worked in public education for 30 years, Donna revealed in the video how she was amazed at the limited amount of time it took institutions to convert and adapt to online teaching. She thought that migrating face-to-face classes to online would take weeks, months or even years before implementation. When COVID came, faculty had to prepare for the urgent implementation of online learning in just a matter of days. 

While Donna mentioned that her profession lies in education management, she has never put aside her passion for teaching. It was her “way to stay connected with students,” she said. After nearly 20 years of teaching in a classroom, Donna—along with educators around the world—had to relearn how to teach again in an online setting.

“I maintained my credibility as a teacher by sharing my years of experience while also sharing that online teaching was new to me just like it was new to the students. I asked for their patience and feedback as I was testing new approaches. I promised to support them as we adjusted to this new mode of teaching and learning together,” said Donna.

Donna shared some of the things she applied during online teaching that proved effective for her: the use of students’ names in lectures that made them think she was speaking to them; adding her photo to the slides; providing weekly task lists to help students stay organized; creating an individual assignment that required student action after each class; and conducting mini quizzes personalized to the student’s individual assignment.

According to Donna, these things helped her “compel students to stay on top of class outcomes; reduce any incidence for plagiarism or academic dishonesty; and identify who and when students need additional support.”

“I think COVID and the shift to online teaching has made me a better teacher!” Donna explained.   

As a way of staying relevant to the needs of the times, Donna then created the Global Awareness and Study Skills Pre-Departure Briefing Course under MSM Higher Ed Pathways. According to MSM Higher Ed’s president, the 45-hour course will help prepare students for a smooth transition as they study abroad, among many other things.

To learn more about MSM Higher Ed President Donna Hooker’s thoughts on online teaching, watch Episode 4 of “View from the Forest” now on the MSM Higher Ed YouTube channel and click subscribe for more videos.


President, MSM Higher Ed

Donna Hooker has worked in the international education field for 30 years. She has a comprehensive knowledge of policy and practise in the public post-secondary education system in British Columbia, Canada and worldwide. She is a past board chair for the BC Centre for International Education and has held senior management roles at BC Institute for Technology, Vancouver Community College, and most recently at Capilano University.


Donna Hooker, MSM Higher Ed President

Donna Hooker, MSM Higher Ed President, takes you to her lush home in Upper Fraser Valley, British Columbia to talk about different trends and issues affecting the international education industry. Watch, learn and subscribe to the channel to get her invaluable vlog series, “View from the Forest.”

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